The Church of St. John the Evangelist was restored in the late 1800s, in neo-classical style. According to some sources, it was the first religious building in the city of Modica. It was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1693, following which it was then rebuilt in Baroque style, prior to the latest restoration.

The church's front side is the most recent version, and it was rebuilt after 1839, and completed between 1893 and 1901. Inside it is rich with fine plasters and contains the well preserved Statuary Group of the Addolorata, from 500AD, which consists of the statues of the Virgin Mary and Martha crying over Jesus, who had just died in the arms of Mary Magdalene. Outside, the church boasts an impressive flight of steps bordered on either side by twenty-six pillars that once supported many statues, although now there are only three. The Church is located in the old town of the city and the cross surmounting the spire, at 449 metres, is the highest point of the entire city. On the left side of the church, a tortuous network of narrow medieval streets leads, after a short walk, to the Belvedere of the upper town, the so-called Pizzo, from which you can admire the crib houses of the old town.