Located in a scenic point of Modica under the Clock Tower, it is the house where Salvatore Quasimodo, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959, was born on 20 August 1901. You can visit it. The great poet lived here for the first 14 months of his life.

In the room where he saw the light for the first time there is a wrought iron bed, a prie-dieu, a bedside and other furniture and furnishings of the early twentieth century; Moreover, an old Olivetti typewriter, a desk, a record collection, a library with books outbuildings, from one of the studies of Milan, that the son Alexander gave to the Sicilian Region in 1996, together with other objects regularly inventoried by the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage. The room of Poetry is a museum that offers an immersion in Quasimodo’s poetry thanks to a program of reading some of the most beautiful poems of the poet through his voice. In fact, from an old tape, visitors are made to listen to the voice of the poet reciting some of his poems, and always by his own voice, the speech entitled "The Political and the Poet" by Quasimodo read in Stockholm on the occasion of the awarding of the Nobel prize. It is a charming way to discover and learn about his poetry through the issues of war, the affections and Sicily.