<i>The festival of St. Peter, patron of the city along with St George, held on June 29, features a long procession that winds through the streets of the historic centre of the city, lit by a thousand torches. The statue, representing St Peter in the act of the great miracle where he healed the paralytic at the gates of the Temple, is so impressive as to cause the spontaneous commitment of many faithful. The holy relics of St. Peter are carried around in a silver arm and which previously, until 1953, served as the cortege for 24 saints of colossal stature, the "Santuna". But the real peculiarity of the festival consists of the stalls that invade the old town in the last three days of June, attracting many visitors that transform the street ‘Gold Medals’ into a real flood of people. For tourists the traditional "Fiera di San Pietro" becomes an occasion to discover the traditions, flavours and colours of local crafts.