Modican chocolate is one of the delights of this beautiful land. Famous throughout the world, it owes its uniqueness to a grainy, crumbly and rough, almost raw texture, which preserves all the features of cocoa. It has a unique flavour that brings out the charm and beauty of traditions and civilizations of times past. In fact, the origins of Modican chocolate date back many centuries.

The traditional method of processing cocoa beans involved them being ground and mixed with other spices, and then rubbed on the "metate", a curved stone resting on two cross stands, with a special stone rolling pin, until a consistent paste was achieved. But it was also dissolved in water and drunk as a beverage. When the Spaniards landed in the New World, they imported a number of new foods, which were until then unknown in Europe, including the first cocoa beans. During their domination in Sicily, they introduced the chocolate processing in the County of Modica in the sixteenth century, then the largest and richest area in the Kingdom of Sicily.

Thus, Modican chocolate continued to be produced according to tradition, while in the rest of Europe it is now processed industrially. The production of this Modican delicacy follows the same process today. The cocoa beans are heated, ground and mixed with sugar and spices (cinnamon or vanilla). The compound obtained is maintained at a temperature (max 40 °) such as not to dissolve the sugar crystals, which remain intact so as to confer the characteristic grainy texture. This is then mixed with a refiner or a modern "metate". This particular type of processing allows the chocolate to maintain the original characteristics of the cocoa, eliminating the phase of "conching" that could wipe out some of the original fragrances. The flavour of Modican chocolate is unique, with a unique aroma of roasted cocoa flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla, but also chilli, carob, coffee, citrus fruits, without added butter or other vegetable fats. It tastes very good both in traditional bars as well as a beverage. Modica prides itself on the importance and very sweet treasure which has now become a symbol of the city itself, so much so that since 2003 there is a Consortium of Modica Chocolate (CTCM) that has as its objective the promotion and protection of this delicious treat.