There are many personalities in the artistic, scientific and literary field, linked to the city of Modica, either because they were born here, or lived here for a long time. In this brief overview it is impossible not to start with Salvatore Quasimodo, the great poet awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, who was born in the city of Modica in 1901. Due to the work of his father, who was a station captain, he had to move frequently from one city to another, but Modica can be proud of the birth of his son who became famous and his house has become a museum.

Another illustrious son of the city was the great philosopher and poet Thomas Campailla. He was born in 1668, on what is currently known as Via Posterla, under the cliff of the Castle of the Counts. Other outstanding citizens who have excelled in both fields are the dialect poet Carlo Amore, writer and historian Raffaele Poidomani and Emanuele Ciaceri.

In recent decades of the last century, the county has given birth to two brilliant exponents in contemporary art, Pietro Roccasalva and Giuseppe Colombo, and the director Aurelio Grimaldi, creator of many successful films. As for cinema there are also some nationally known actors, such as Andrea Tidona, Carlo Cartier and Marcello Perracchio.

Two young and talented artists in music have Modican origins: the singer Chiara Civello and the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2015 category New entries Giovanni Caccamo. It is impossible to conclude this gallery without mentioning a great character who, despite the fact he was not born in Modica, worked here for a long time: Gesualdo Bufalino. He was born in nearby Comiso, but taught in Modica in 1951 and often mentioned the town in passages of his works.