A few kilometers from Modica you will find some of the most beautiful beaches of the Iblean coast. Marina di Modica is a maritime town mainly used as a summer resort. The beautiful bay that overlooks the town offers a clear view of the deep blue sea, which is a place of interest for fans of surfing and windsurfing, as the area is well exposed to the wind. The beach, with free admission, is fully equipped and includes many amenities. After crossing the Gulf of Marina di Modica you reach the beautiful beach of Maganuco, characterized by beautiful dunes which are constantly stirred by the wind. It is especially nice to have a swim in this area which has been better protected than others, and has still preserved its natural and unspoiled aspect. The characteristic dune system is also found in the charming and nearby beach of Sampieri, a long beach of golden sand protected by a small forest area. The sea around the beach is turquoise and clear, with a gently sloping seabed heading towards the sea. The burned factory Pisciotto is situated at one end of the coast. It is an interesting ruin of industrial archeology, and is why the beach is also known as beach Pisciotto.

Not far away, the beaches of Pozzallo are worth a visit: the Lungomare Pietre Nere beach and Raganzino beach, which in recent years have grown considerably, and yet are comfortably able to accommodate bathers even during the busiest months. Finally, it is impossible not to include the beautiful beach of Santa Maria del Focallo on this list, which stretches for thousands of metres, and is also characterized by a lush strip of natural vegetation consisting mainly of acacias.