The streets in the historical centre of Modica offer various attractions for nightlife lovers, because of its intriguing atmosphere it tempts you to go out. Along Corso Umberto and in particularly the adjoining narrow streets of Piazza Matteotti, there are numerous pubs and restaurant opened during the night where you can have a drink with friends, listen to good music and meet new people. This main square is a common meeting place for young people, where musical events or shows often take place. However if you intend to drink good bear you can find it in Corso Umberto. Especially at weekends, Grimaldi Street, along the staircase of St. Peter and the narrow nearby streets becomes a meeting place in the old town of Modica, you can not only have a drink and a chat but also enjoy a night out with friends. Often during the nice season these places are sites for musical events organized by the pubs of the area. In this area a popular literary cafè organizes jazz and ethnic nights which are always an attraction for many people. Not far away there is a pub that offers a range of beers, while, if you want to drink a hot chocolate even late at night, there many cafès you can choose from.

For those who decide to spend their whole night out, choosing where to eat out is not so easy considering the fact there are many places around the town. In particular if you want to taste the traditional cuisine of Modica the best places to go are the “trattories” where they serve a touch of traditional cuisine with good wine. The historical centre of Modica is always full and rich in events all year around, even during the summer months when usually the town moves out.