Modica is a town full of traditions and folklore, and hosts many religious festivities. There are many religious festivals and traditional feasts with processions and with dramatic rituals that often attract a huge amount of people, not only locals, but also tourists from all over the world. Its local band, fireworks, the sound of church bells, the long processions and its traditional stands have always been the main characteristics of these events: the strong presence of customs and traditions of the province is considered to be the most interesting attraction of the island.

The festivals dedicated to the two patron saints of the town, St. George and St. Peter, are the most popular religious festivals. However the most original is, without doubt, that of “Madonna Vasa Vasa”, which is the main attraction during Easter in Modica. The meeting and embrace between the statue of the Virgin Mary and the statue of the Risen Christ is an event not to miss out on. Another popular festival is the one dedicated to St. Anthony of Padova, which takes place along the streets of “Dente”, considered to be one of the most ancient religious festivals in Modica, while the religious festival “Madonna delle Grazie” is characterized by a moment of intense spirituality. Other traditional Modican celebrations include: St. Lucia V.M, in remembrance of the armistice between the Italians and the Anglo-Americans, “Madonna della Catena” and Madonna del Carmine.